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Lee Byway is a graphic designer from Bristol, UK with over 10 years of print and design experience, some of that gained from working in a small print shop in Bath, the rest from messing around on a laptop at home.

As a teenager he enjoyed playing video games, watching films and listening music, and in his spare time he started creating artwork inspired by some of his favourite games, movies and bands. Then in his 20s he started submitting designs to daily T-shirt websites such as RIPTApparel, Teefury and Qwertee, and to date thousands of T-shirts featuring his work have been printed and purchased by people all over the world.

Lee currently still works at the small print shop in Bath and in his spare time runs his own Etsy shop, selling his designs as stickers, prints and T-shirts. He also provides logos and design work for friends, bands and local businesses, some of which can be seen in the portfolio section of the website.

​You can find even more of his work online and follow him on social media by searching @bywaydesign, and you can get in touch by emailing or by filling in the contact form on this website.

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